Society and Media

Good discussion with my friend about relationships and The Five Love Languages. We covered different parts of a relationship from matching personality to how we give and receive love.  Relationships are complicated, but we touched on an interesting point:

Finding a relationship with a person who is deep, sincere, and caring is very rare in this time and age.  

Capitalism has contributed greatly to the economic growth of America but at what cost?

Media has done its job distributing ideas and information to the common people.  It has also done a great job promoting negative ideas such as scandals, celebrity drama, and “the ideal woman”. This has served as great marketing tools; providing a channel for companies to place advertisements or creating a problem which a company solves with their product.  More and more people have become accustomed to superficial relationships. Jewelry, clothing, accessories, cars, and money have become the basis of forming a “relationship” these indications of status-thanks to the media- have become society’s norm.  

Why should you care if one’s personality is unappealing when his/her wealth can buy you happiness. However, are you truly happy? Does happiness come with buying power? What really fulfills one’s desire as a human being? Money can only buy you so much.

Tony Robbins, a life coach has given a TED talk about the six basic human needs:

1. Certainty/ Comfort



4. Growth

5. Contribution

6. Significance

These do not apply to material goods. Money does not buy one the above listed needs. These must be fulfilled through yourself; self improvement, growth, learning how to build meaningful relationships that benefit both parties, and many more things can bring fulfillment and satisfy the human needs without money.  For example, Man’s best friend, if you own a dog, or have ever had the chance to meet one, loves unconditionally. All he or she needs is food, water, and a home, and you will receive all the love that can be offered. Why can’t we learn from nature? 

When one travels to a third world country, one sees poverty in abundance. Although third world citizens lack money there is one thing they do not lack and that is happiness. Without media dragging them down and without money to worry about, their concerns are shifted from accumulating material goods, to treasuring the time and company of loved ones. 

We should all take a step back and learn from these “disadvantaged” countries.



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