A picture holds a thousand words.

But what about the objects in it? What do they hold?

It’s amazing how one object can hold memories that span the course of basically all of high school. This water polo ball takes me back to the first time I handled it, to the first coach who I really respected and cared about. The first practice, braving those cold early mornings and late afternoons for the purpose of getting better, and at the same time, growing my love of the sport.
This ball reminds me of many firsts. The first team sport where I knew each and everyone personally, the first time I started building noticeable muscle, my first personal cheer squad that came up with “Oh Snap It’s Alan Yap!”, my first team dinner, my first goal, the first time I heard my name announced over the loudspeakers to the audience as I made a goal in CCS, the first time i had a place where I felt I was a part of where I was important. The first time I personally knew someone who did so much for the community and his players. The first time I lost two Important people.

Not Just firsts, but this ball started my journey of defining who I am.
At first I was nobody-just another nerdy freshman participating in a high school sport. Then I became a ripped, tan, cocky jock. Talking to girls wasn’t as scary as I thought it was. I replaced cockiness with confidence. I began to learn to balance school and my dedication to the sport; I learned time management and discipline. I learned to be responsible for my actions and choices. I joined DECA, and thanks to a friend, I was taken to qualify for the national tournament. My high school career culminated in the most coveted feeling. “Popular” People outside of high school heard about me, I heard people talking about me at school.
But then I realized something.
“Popular” is insignificant in high school. Everyone is immature and still growing both physically and mentally. I learned I was only “popular” or talked about cause of my body. Of course I was flattered, but what about me? I wanted to be “popular” because of who I am and the good things that I’ve done.

However, it was thanks to high school that I learned who I am and what I love to do. With the help of my dad, I am learning more and more about business, networking, and gaining the discipline to get things done, and planning my schedule ahead of time.

So thank you high school, for the experience of a lifetime, and helping me define myself as a person, and thank you Ron Freeman, the man who pointed me on this journey.


What do you think? Share an image and a story of what that image reminds you of!


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