Breakout Startups Grow the Ecosystem of Talent

David Cummings on Startups

When talking to local software engineers, sales people, and entrepreneurs that come through the Atlanta Tech Village, I find a common pattern where the individual starts their career at a non-startup company and then eventually gets recruited by a startup. After a taste of the startup experience, the individual never wants to go back to a regular business. Now, once the individual is in the startup ecosystem, every 2-4 years they move to a different startup and bring their experience and expertise to a new opportunity.

This is all good and well but it doesn’t significantly grow the startup community since most startups fail and the talent gets recycled into the community (which is fine and healthy). What does grow the startup community is breakout startups. Startups that create 100+ jobs locally bring a ton of talent into the startup community. Software engineers get recruited from all kinds of…

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