There Is No I In We

There are a quite many articles about Leadership and Management out there. Common themes are: showing appreciation for subordinates, or leading by example with commitment and confidence. All the articles focus about the competence of the individual in charge, but what about the team?

In a brief conversation with Hector Berardi, Vice President of Operations at Applied Micro, I gained some insight as to what it means to successfully run a company and lead a team of people. Below, I have distilled this into four points.

1. Always be Learning
By improving yourself, you gain confidence in your role as a leader.

2. Stay Current and relevant
As a business leader of a multimillion dollar company, it is crucial to be informed about market trends to better make decisions on where to point the company.

3. Stay Humble and Listen

Many articles focus on the direction of information going from top to bottom. Good leaders connect with and understand their team. The best and simplest way to do this is to listen.

4. Continue to mentor when possible

This is the first time I learned this. Good leaders are invested in their team. By improving the others around you, you in turn improve the quality and performance of your team.


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